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John D Gessin

Hi, John D Gessin is a Social Media Professional

    A skilled consultant in the Information Technology and Services industry, John D Gessin has more than eight years of Operation and Management experience. Both in managing complex information systems and overall managment.  John D Gessin has worked extensively on tasks involving network engineering, overall project management, and multi-OS environment leadership. John D Gessin has also accomplished both local and remote personnel and asset management, directed management during periods of corporate change, and provided analysis for disaster recovery and contingency planning. Most recently, John D Gessin served as a Network Administrator and Supervisor with Alere Medical Technologies, Inc. in Reno. Alere Medical Technologies specializes in the development of Internet and mobile device-based disease management programs. John D Gessin managed the administration and support of the company’s network and data center operations. His work included visits to off-site locations to supervise the installation of applications as well as OS upgrades and hardware changes. Along with completing a technology migration and 300-person move to a new office, John D Gessin supervised five colleagues of the remote desktop support team. Prior to joining Alere, John Gessin worked as a System Analyst III and Volt Technical Consultant at Microsoft Licensing GP, also of Reno. In this capacity, he was involved in the design, development, testing, documentation, and implementation of the firm’s technology systems. Mr. John D Gessin supported and implemented multiple LAN and WAN systems. John Gessin is currently studying for a Masters of Information System Technology degree from the University of Reno. Previously, John D Gessin completed a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Political Science from St. John's New York. He also completed Cisco Certified Network Administrator (CCNA) training in 2007. Scoop NEWSLE InBusiness        

John D Gessin's Background

John D Gessin's Experience

Graduate Student at Student

January 2009 - January 2012 | Nevada

Information System Analyst at Alere Medical

January 2007 - June 2008 | Nevada

Systems Engineer / Business anaylst

John D Gessin's Education

Harvard University Extension

2011 – 2012

Information Sysytems

Concentration: Information Systems

UNR Reno

Masters in Information Systems

Concentration: Information technology

Activities: Travel, Volunteering, Bicycling.

John D Gessin's Interests & Activities

Recycling, Organic farming, Composting, Landscape gardening,Hydroponic gardening, Making bird feeders ,birdhouses, Creating art,Scuba diving, River rafting, Bungee jumping, Skiing,Trekking, Ice skating, Surfing,Racing, Gymnastics

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